Planning for Station 1 began in 1962 after the members of the Cedarburg Fire Department saw a need for a larger firehouse. A new location was studied and some of the locations considered were Firemen’s Park and the Woolen Mill on the corner of Bridge and Washington. However, the City of Cedarburg owned land on Mequon Ave. next to the current station at the time and that was chosen as the best location. In 1963 the members voted unanimously to build the new station. During 1964 the station was build under the watchful eye of the members. One of the members, Allen “Tubby” Boerner actually helped build the station. In October of 1964 the new station was officially dedicated. The station included a large apparatus bay, meeting room, training room and a hose tower. The entire station was financed with funds raised by the membership of the Cedarburg Fire Department at Firemen’s Park.

Planning for the addition began in 1990. Ground breaking ceremonies were held on December 6, 1992 to officially start the 6,300 square foot addition to Station 1. The expansion gave the department an additional bay for fire equipment, two smaller garages for support vehicles and much needed office space. This project was also financed entirely from proceeds earned in Firemen's Park.

The time and effort put in to accomplish this project took the dedication of many of our members. Fire Inspector Rodger Rahn became the "Project Coordinator". His days consisted of calling each contractor daily at 6:00am to make sure the project would not be delayed. Rodger, along with members Bob Van Dinter and Jeff Vahsholtz, spent countless hours keeping an eye on the workmanship, which resulted in a quality-built addition.

The original building contained the following:

 Training Room
The training room is where all department trainings typically take place. It is equipped with audio and video equipment to serve the needs of the departments training. Over the years the Cedarburg Fire Department has hosted many special training events, such as the Milwaukee Area Technical College Flashover Simulator in 2010 and 2011. The training room also serves as a banquet room for the department’s Awards Ceremonies and Annual Meeting Dinner. The room has a kitchen attached to it to allow for the serving of food. The Training Bureau office is also located inside of the training room. One of the unique features of the training room is display of antique fire extinguishers. On March 31, 2001, Edward Jors donated a 30-year collection of 130 various types of fire extinguishers dating back to the early 1900's. When Mr. Jors was asked how he came to start collecting fire extinguishers he replied "I don't really know." All of the extinguishers were cleaned up, identified, and custom cabinets were built to display the collection to be enjoyed by all.

Meeting Room
The meeting room is where all of the fire departments business meetings take place. After most trainings the members eat diner in the meeting room. The room also has the stations main kitchen attached to it, along with the refreshment center. Members can relax in this room by watching television, play a game of billiards, or try their hand in a game of cards. During the day, members can look out upon Cedar Creek, the Interurban Bridge and the Generations memorial. The meeting room also accommodates trainings when multiple trainings are being held on the same night. In the front of the meeting room is a showcase of much of the departments history, and is an excellent back drop for the business meetings.

Apparatus Floor
The most noticeable feature of any fire station is the apparatus floor. The Cedarburg Fire Departments apparatus floor houses two ambulances, two engines, one tender, one heavy rescue, one ladder, and the dive trailer. All of the active members can also store their turnout gear in one of the gear racks in the apparatus floor. Maintenance rooms are also located in the back of the apparatus floor to maintain all of the trucks and equipment of the fire department.

The new addition contained the following:

Communications Room
The communications room is located on the second floor of the addition overlooking the apparatus floor. Multiple radios enable the fire department to be in contact with nearly any agency it works with. The room underwent a major renovation in 2010 with the installation of new cabinets, counter tops, computers, and a flat screen television. During severe weather the communications room becomes the command center for fire department operations.

Officers Room
Once appointed to an officers position on the Cedarburg Fire Department, the member receives a desk to store fire department related information on. The officers room is located on the second floor of the station.

Hose Tower & Small Vehicle Bays
The hose tower is on the north side of the station. It is accessible from the apparatus floor. It is also accessible from the outside through the wash bay. Adjacent to the wash bay are three small vehicle bays where the departments two utility vehicles are located.

On the northeast corner of the building on the second floor is the Chiefs office. The Chief can be found behind his desk taking care of department business. Below the Chiefs office is the fire inspectors office. On the northwest corner of the building is the Treasurers and Secretaries office.

Sitting out front of the station is the fire bell from the original fire station that burned down in 1907. Accompanying the bell is the stations flag pole.


Station Photos