The next five years would see the Cedarburg Fire Department move into the first generation of motorized fire apparatus. The department would also respond to fires in areas a great distance from Cedarburg that would not have been thought of before.
1924 saw the Cedarburg Fire Department purchase its first fire truck. The vehicle was a Dodge-Graham with an Obenchain Boyce body. A small 250 GPM pump was fitted on the front bumper of the truck and made for pumping chemicals onto a fire. With the addition of this truck the department was capable of bringing a pump and hose to the fire without the use of two horse teams. This also brought in the new and dangerous era of men riding on the outside of the trucks where ever they could grab on. The new truck was referred to as the Chemical and know responded first to all fire calls.

The Cedarburg Fire Department's first fully motorized piece of equipment is shown above. It is a 1924 Dodge-Graham truck with a Obenchain Boyce body. (CFD Collection)

The members of the department began the work of revising the constitution in 1924. The new constitution would be adopted the next year.

 On February 6th, 1925, the Cedarburg Fire Department recorded its first English written Regular Meeting Minutes. The new constitution was also adopted and also printed in English for the first time. At this time the name of the organization changed from the Cedarburg Fire Company to the Cedarburg Fire Department in the minutes. The new constitution also changed the date of rehearsals to the Thursday after the regular meeting. A new form of membership was created in the constitution, Passive, allowing members who were no longer capable of the physical requirements of the department to remain.

The members of the department decided at the February meeting to request that the Wisconsin State Firemenís Association Tournament along with the Badger Firemenís Association Tournament be held in Cedarburg to coincide with the departmentís 60th anniversary.

 The spring of 1925 proved to be dry and numerous grass fires were reported. At the May Annual Meeting, the membership elected George Armbruster to Secretary, the position his father, John Armbruster, Sr., held for the past 39 years.

 The Cedarburg Fire Department along with other members of the community made up a large delegation that went to the annual Wisconsin State Firemenís Tournament held in Watertown. The delegates petitioned other member departments to vote for the next tournament to be held in Cedarburg. The mayor of Cedarburg even came to Watertown to show his support. When the ballots were counted Cedarburg beat out itsí competition, Baraboo, 127 to 87 votes. The process now began for the planning of such a large event to showcase the department and community.

On July 18, the department responded to one of its first electrical fires at the Mrs. William Roebken residence. The chemical truck and hook and ladder wagon responded. The damage was limited to $800.

The department sent out postcards to its members for them to decide on the type of membership they would like to maintain in September of 1925.

The end of 1925 and the spring of 1926 saw the department creating plans for the week long 60th Anniversary celebration and tournaments. The celebration took place in the middle of June. Numerous departments attended crowding the community. The tournament parade included 19 cities and 14 marching bands, one of the largest ever held.

With all of the events occurring the previous year 1927 proved to be a rather quiet year.
A tradition that started long ago and continues to this day is a family picnic. During this period the department chose this event to be on the 4th of July after the parade. The department also sponsored many fund raising events such as dances and other social events.

The Cedarburg Fire Department Running Team in 1928 (CFD Collection) 

 In 1928, interest was raised in purchasing new equipment. Originally the members only wanted to replace the hook and ladder wagon with a new motorized vehicle. A truck committee was formed to look at new equipment and manufacturers. However, upon further investigation a new pumper was also requested. On July 6th the department requested the purchase of a hook and ladder truck and a new pumper from the Peter Pirsch & Sons Company. The price for the new equipment exceeded $10,500 and required the department to take out a $9,000 loan. The new equipment saw the end for the Steamer, Hook and Ladder Wagon, and hose wagon. The department kept its Howe pumper and hose cart.

When the new pieces of equipment arrived, the Chief created a list of drivers for the equipment and posted it monthly at the station. This list would latter become a group now known as Engineers.

 In November of 1928, the department explored the use and purchase of gas masks.

At a meeting in April 1929, Chief Schneider turned in a resignation letter. However, at the next meeting held the membership rejected the letter with a vote of 27 to 18. In May, the department requested to created zoning that required hydrants, however this was forwarded to the Common Council and Mayor. A play was held in benefit of the department called, ďA Pair of SixesĒ and raised some money.

 On June 26th, at 12:30 pm a fire destroyed Mrs. J. Alstonís barn and shed along with all of the contents including an automobile.

A few monthís later on September 2nd, the department responded to Brown Deer. The fire was at the Fuller-Goodman Lumber Company. Resulting damage from the blaze was $15,000, a total loss. This was quite a distance to be traveled for a fire even today. 1929 proved to be a busy year for the department which responded to 22 fire calls with a damage total of $2,290. Five of the calls were outside of the city. It should be noted that the department would charge a fee for services rendered outside of the city.

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1924-Chemical Truck

1925-New Constitution

1926-60th Anniversary

1926-Hosted Badger Tourn.

1926-Hosted WI State Tourn.

1928-Pirsch Pumper & Ladder

1929-Assisted Brown Deer

Members 1907-1924

Edward Liesenberg 6/6/1925

Al Radtke 9/8/1925

August Frank 4/8/1926

W.L. Hoffmann 8/10/1926

Adlai Horn 8/9/1926

Palmer Wirth 5/9/1927

Joe Seubert 2/4/1928

William Liesener 8/2/1928

Lester Paeglow 8/6/1928

Gerhard Butt 3/7/1929

William Roebken 3/7/1929

Harry Maronde 10/10/1929

Herb Behnisch 11/7/1929


1924 Dodge-Graham "Chemical Truck"

1928 Pirsch Pumper

1928 Pirsch Hook & Ladder

Howe Gas Pumper

Hose Cart